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About Us:

Spa Consultants is a "one stop spa solution provider", specializing in the Spa, Salon, Health & Wellness Industry. Spa Consultants has been developing Spas & operating Spas for its clients since the year 2004.

The Spa Consultants founder, Dr. Manish Patwardhan, a postgraduate in Ayurveda, who has undertaken studies in the medical school for 9 years, has been in the spa and salon industry for nearly a decade. He began his career in manufacturing of natural & organic products nearly twelve years ago. Spa Consultants was started by Dr. Patwardhan to provide complete spa consultancy & operational support to his clients & the extensively growing spa & wellness industry in India. His earlier expertise in product development, product manufacturing and knowledge of suitable vendors also helped him develop products for leading Spa chains in India, which he continues to do even today.

Dr. Patwardhan's vast experience of working in various countries like Spain, Japan, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Italy, France and Germany has also helped him in understanding the spa industry & in bringing these concepts to India when the Industry was in its infantile stage.

Today Dr. Patwardhan tops the list of Consultants with respect to the number and the type of clientele he handles which has surely made Spa Consultants the largest Spa Consultancy brand in the Indian Subcontinent.

Dr. Patwardhan is the only speaker who has been invited as a guest speaker for 3 consecutive years to the
Spa & Wellness Expo - Malaysia, apart from being invited to train at various Spa Training Academies in Bangkok for Ayurvedic Spa Therapies. He is the President of the recently established 'Indian Spa and Wellness Association (ISWA)'.

He has been recently elected on majority vote as the 'Association Liaison' of the Asia Pacific Spa and Wellness Coalition (APSWC) and is the first and only Indian to have been nominated and elected. A keen observer, good analyzer, precise planner and an excellent executer, Dr. Patwardhan has brought Spa consultants a long way fighting against all odds and is dedicated and committed to take it to newer heights in the future.
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